Our Mission

WeGIVEMKE is a partnership of local venues and businesses designed to render goodwill to people who lack privilege.It is hosted by REVERB, the young adult ministry of Christian Faith Fellowship Church. Formerly referred to as iGive, our efforts were comprised of twenty-five random acts of kindness by 25 teams, at 25 select locations, were provided to a host of random individuals that included visits to veterans at Milwaukee’s VA Medical Center, haircuts (compliments of local barbers), and free coffee from a neighboring McDonald’s franchise. Volunteers distributed coats, hats, and gloves, and carolers serenaded visitors at St. Benedict’s Soup Kitchen. Socks were given to inhabitants of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and numerous other resources and services were provided to a multitude of recipients throughout Milwaukee County. We hope to expand our teams, our locations, and our giving.

Major Efforts

We're making a few major efforts to impact the lives of those in need within the City of Milwaukee. The current sponsored efforts are listed below and require a nomination process.

Rent Assistance

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Resident of Milwaukee. Proof of Residence. Household Annual Income of $25,000 or less. Proof of Household Income. Must be a household of 2+. Must have a valid ID. Check of $500 will be made out directly to landlord or rental company.

Living Room Set

Kids Bedroom Set

Pizza Social for School

Sponsored by

Spa Day for Mom

Swim Scholarship for Kids

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Applicants annual family income less than $50,000. Students must be 4 to 12 years old. Splash Swim Scholarship good for up to one year. Gold Fish Scholarship good for eight weeks. If three classes are missed the scholarship is terminated.

Family Night Out
Movie Package

Must be a family of Four or Five.

21 Day Cleanse

Vision Health Eye Care

Sponsored by

$500 voucher for children only.